Riding a motorcycle is indescribably fun and that fun comes with equal measures of responsibility and accountability. We seek to enhance that enjoyment by encouraging and promoting a special mindfulness of how incredibly and uniquely special our community truly is.  We believe that our adventures would be left incomplete if we failed to use our distinct privilege for something good.  We have the ability to enjoy our time, talent and treasure - all at once, whenever we want.

     Maybe you've never thought of your riding quite like that before; you've pretty much just been riding to ride or have been riding because you could.  We hope that perhaps you will reconsider and take another look at why you ride.  Welcome to the motorcycle riding community.

     Here's hoping you will always ride safe and... Ride With A Purpose.

Modern technology has enabled us to be able to enjoy motorcycle riding at new and higher levels of intensity.  Fuel injection, ABS, traction control and many other technologies have enabled us to get to the fun - and fear - just that much faster.  In some cases freakishly faster. 

- We seek to promote a sense of intentional community in which all riders can seek to fulfill and enhance their personal knowledge and passion for riding while also encouraging others to do likewise.



The motorcycles we ride grant us an unparalleled level of freedom and mobility.  Limited only by our cash on hand, the size of our gas tank and our level of personal comfort, there are few places we can not reach on our motorcycle if we are given enough time to get there.

- We seek to encourage riders to not only enjoy their motorcycles as a fun form of conveyance, but to also use them from time to time as a force multiplier to bring some care, love and joy into the lives of others.


Our riding skills need to keep pace with the technological marvels built into our motorcycles.  Our personal safety and the safety of others demand that we strive for and attain a heightened level of mastery over the machines we ride.

- We seek to encourage riders of all levels and disciplines to seek out opportunities to become better riders and to selflessly mentor others so they can grow in their own knowledge and skill levels as well.

noun  pur·pose \ˈpər-pəs\

1  a :  something set up as an object or end to be attained :  intention
    b :  resolution, determination
2     :  a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution