NEW RIDERS NETWORK Fellowship and ride eventS

Due to the current stay at home order we're all pretty much stuck doing a whole bunch of that... and planning our rides for when the order is lifted!

So while there aren't any 'events' planned at the moment, that doesn't stop us from planning some.

If you'd like to get together once the stay at home order is lifted, hit the Contact button and let us know.

- if you're 'new' to motorcycling - welcome aboard!
- if you are returning to motorcycling after a break - welcome back, we missed you.
- if you have:  a.) dropped it, b.) wrecked it, and are now ready to c.) just enjoy riding it - you are... ONE OF US!  ONE OF US!

One of the beauties of two-wheeled hobbies is that each of us has been a 'new' rider. It's part of the rite of passage of motorcycle riding.  Whether you are just starting to ride or coming back to it after a break, that 'newness' is something to get excited about.

- Remember when you first started riding?  (Hmmm, now what...)
- Remember all those questions you had?  (Do you know how to...? How do I...? Yeah, all those questions.)
- Remember riding alone when you were new?  (Solo riding sometimes sucks. Can I get a witness?)

We believe we have the privilege and opportunity to do something about all that, and properly welcome new and returning riders into the motorcycling community.  The goal is simple: to use the power of community and networking in order to encourage and enhance the new rider's learning experience.  Let's do our part to take some of the dread and uncertainty out of being a "newbie" by coming alongside new riders to mentor and assist them while they learn.

Interested in this whole concept????  Hit the Contact button and get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Most importantly:  be safe, be well and keep the rubber side down.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS, PLEASE READ:  it is each riders individual and personal responsibility to: a) ensure that their motorcycle is properly registered and insured in the state of California, and safe to operate on the roadways; b) be attired with properly fitting protective riding gear to include at a minimum a helmet, leather gloves and boots that cover the ankle (a proper riding jacket is strongly encouraged); and c) be mentally and physically prepared to properly and safely operate their motorcycle.  Riders who are ill or not feeling 100% well are strongly encouraged to stay home and get well first and join us on another ride.  We respectfully encourage and support clean and sober riding.