(You're secret is safe with us.  We won't tell anyone if you don't.)

One of the beauties of two-wheeled hobbies is that each of us at one point had to be a 'new' rider. It's part of the rite of passage and motorcycle riding wouldn't quite be the same without the learning experiences of being 'new'.  Whether you are just starting to ride or coming back to it after a break, that 'newness' is something to get excited about.

Introspicere Ministries

Our Team

We consider every member of the community a member of our Team!  Together, we can bring attention to the incredible two-wheeled sports and hobbies we are privileged to enjoy.

what & why?

We are looking for skilled volunteer servant leaders who are interested in mentoring new riders in their communities.

- Remember when you first started riding?

- Remember all those questions you had?

- Remember riding alone when you were new?

We believe we have the privilege and opportunity to do something about all that, and properly welcome new riders into the motorcycling community.  We are seeking to establish a New Rider Network in communities all across the nation.  

The goal is simple: use the power of community and networking in order to encourage and enhance the new riders learning experience.

Let's take some of the dread and uncertainty out of 'being a newbie' by coming alongside new riders to mentor and assist them while they learn.


Interested?  Please check our Events page for upcoming events and use the Contact Us page to find out how YOU can become involved. (You too new riders!)

but i'm a new rider...

Created in 2016, Ride With A Purpose seeks to promote and enhance mindfulness in the motorcycling community by highlighting three factors it believes can enhance the enjoyment of motorcycle riding.

These are:

  • Passion
  • Proficiency
  • Philanthropy

We believe in every riders ability to continually elevate their enjoyment of our sport when they Ride With A Purpose.

Ride With A Purpose is a joint community development outreach of Introspicere Ministries and the Old Baptist Union in America.

Old Baptist Union in America

new riderS network