Dr. John Hinds
"The Flying Doctor"
March 21, 1980 - July 4, 2015

Dr. John Hinds was a Northern Irish doctor who was an anesthesiologist and critical care physician.  He was most widely known for his contributions to high-speed motorcycle trauma medicine.  An avid and passionate motorcycle rider and racer himself, he served as a volunteer traveling motorcycle doctor on the Motorcycle Ireland Medical Team.  His radio callsign was 'Delta 7'.

The team serves at motorcycle road racing events providing riders trackside rapid response pre-hospital emergency trauma care.  The doctors on motorcycles, who carry provisions needed to provide urgent care, follow the riders on course during the first lap of practice sessions and the first and last lap of all races.  Once the race is underway they position themselves on standby trackside until needed.  When an accident occurs, the motorcycle doctors are able to reach the scene with haste and begin treating the riders until supporting members of the medical team can arrive onsite by car.  The team provides care as needed for injured spectators as well.

On July 3rd 2015 Dr. Hinds suffered an accident while providing medical coverage for a practice session of a road racing event.  Sadly, he died from his injuries the following day.

Dr. John Hinds used his passion, proficiency and philanthropy to "ride with a purpose".  His life and legacy continue to provide an excellent example.

Godspeed Delta 7.  Thank you.

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